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Check what can you do and when to see a doctor

Only some of the symptoms can be treated without medical supervision. Check Me App will help you determine when it is necessary to see a doctor.

Find the best and safest medication for you.

More than one third of over-the-counter medications are misused, increasing the incidence of adverse effects.
CheckMeApp will help you use the right medications at the right time.

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Wrong self-treatment can lead to dangerous complications. Make the right decisions at the right time with CheckMeApp.

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Professional assistance at your service

For you and your family

Create a profile for each family member and find the most appropriate treatment for each one of them.

Interactions with drugs or food

Are you taking medicines you got on prescription, and you don't know which medication to use against e.g. back pain?

Personalized information and assistance for every medical problem.

Do you have stomach problems or high blood pressure and you don't know what to take e.g. against cold?


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Free access to an extensive professional database

CheckMeApp's database is updated daily with new information, to help you take better care of your health.

Advice on how you can help yourself

Medicines are not the only way. Check out what you can do for your health without the use of medication.

Order your medications online

Don't have time to go to the pharmacy? No problem. Order everything you need online.

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